Politics... The way I see it

A discussion on the Impeachment Process

You have to wonder what planet people from Washington are from.

I mean, think about it. We elect a president to administrate the country's operations... and on the job, he gets a BJ from a 20 year old intern. That is disgusting... the man has a wife and daughter (who, by the way is not too much younger than Monica). But, men make mistakes... especially when they think with their dumb-stick.

OK, so now the Republicans are "shocked and outraged" at his lying to a grand jury and to the public at large ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman")... NO SHIT. I mean, if I was getting some in the oval office from someone less than half my age (shaddup!) then I would deny it too.

"But, Chris... it is the perception of impropriety. He has disgraced the office".

Shut up. Convict him, acquit him, censure him... just, for the love of God, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. I don't care. I am not going to cry if you kick the bum out on his ass and tell him never to come back... but I sure as hell am not going to demand that the Senate of the United States should waste their time and my money tring the case. Vote now. Up or Down. End it.

Am I mad at The US House for impeaching him? No. I mean, Clinton is a poor role model. The House is young, with a majority of them republicans. Republicans who look to Ronald Reagan as their ideal president. He, for all his faults, did one thing better than anyone since FDR... and that was be presidential. He was respected worldwide, and here at home. This type of discussion would never had occured... so, they (the GOP) are mad at Clinton for, what in their view is, disgracing the office.

Yet, all that said... I don't really think the 1996 elections should be nullified based on a BJ... I mean, I don't care if he lied. I don't care about anything he does anymore. He has lost the public's respect. And for that reason, he should resign (could you do the job without respect? I couldn't). Resign, yes... we can ask him to do that. But, should we nullify the public's will, the 1996 elections, because of this? The public giveth, and we, the people, should take it away. Come 2000, I would not want to be Algore.

End this please... one question, though:

If you were a member of the US Senate, how would you vote if the impeachment trial ended today? Vote now.

A discussion on the State of the Union

It was good. Grammatically incorrect and all, the entire speach was spoken with authority like a President in his first term. The ideas he had were moderate-democratic ideas that make good fiscal sense. I mean, think of what he did not say. He did not say anything about universal health care (sorry, Sen. Wellstone, MN); not a word about welfare other than praise the Congress and the nation for reducing the welfare rolls; very moderate stance on the environment (sorry, Al); etc...

What did we hear about? His wanting to up Miliatry Pay and Benifits... which the Congress has wanted for many years. He also discussed the issues of tax incentives for families (generic $1000 tax breaks for engaging in activities that promote education, etc).

We heard about Social Security... and what did he propose? Investments. USA Accounts, which Chairman Archer is talking about right now in the Ways and Means Committee of the United States House of Representatives. Where did he go wrong?

For goodness sake, Bill, let people invest their own money. Tax the re-distributive part of Social Security, graduate it if you wish, ... but don't force me to invest where I don't want to. Hell, if I want to blow my retirement monies on amazon.com then LET ME!

What else? I will tell you what else... Sen. McCain was right. Where was the discussion of international issues. He (bubba) CLAIMED SUCCESS on the international front. READ THE NYTIMES! They is a bloddy massacre occuring in Kosovo and other areas of the former Yugoslavia. How dare he claim success in Bosnia. The Middle East is far from being where it needs to be... and we just finished bombing Iraq. No, Mr. President, the international scene is not as good as when President Bush left. He may not be as lucky as Clinton with the economy... but his Foreign Policy was directed, focused, and effective. The Arab Coalition put together by then-Secretary of State James A. Baker was phenominal. Now, it no longer exists.

What are the National Priorities?

(1) Social Security Reform - We need a comprehensive system designed in the next five years to eliminate the current unfair taxation. It needs to allow for more personal freedom while keeping its redistributed wealth properties.

(2) Tax Reform - We need to go to a simpler tax plan that eliminates loopholes for wealthy individuals and corporations. We need it to be a flat rate tax system so everybody pays the same percent of their income (rich people still pay more, remember). It is not a regressive system, like many would like to make you believe.

(3) International Roles - We need to reestablish the United States as a international player in world affairs. We need to work with the Europian Union and other regional organizations to transfer the role of policeman away from the US Military and towards international bodies like the Cooperation for Peace and Security in Europe.

(4) Economic Recovery - Asia showed the US what happens if an unstable economy crashes. We need to work to make sure that the securities markets in the US are not overvalued. We need to promote growth and employment if a recession were to quickly develop. I am not advocating a reactionary approach, however. We need to work ahead of the cycles to promote growth, even if we are still growing now.