Players' Information
Player's Name Address Phone Parents' Names
Willie Turner 62 Cypress Street 751-4381 Tina Marie Andrews
Matt Shaw 22 Eames Street 521-4416 Robert and Sarah
Hali Dorfman 531 Wayland Ave. 274-8717 Jerry and Amy
Willy Lippincott 43 Weymouth St. 831-5099 James and Catherine
David Morris 100 Hazard Ave. 274-3722 James and Leontine
John Pleasants 52 University Ave. 421-1797 Peter and Margaret
Eric Pripstein 27 Vassar Ave. 274-4023 Tom and Marsha
Andrew Lipof 23 Miles Ave. 421-1471 Ron and Debbie
Conor MacManus 111 Governor St. 421-4363 Jim and Jane
Nathan Silk 64 Sargent Street 274-4325 Alan and Ramona
Coaches' Information
Manager: Art Samuels 621-8890
Coaches: Chris Creed 331-9135 (h), 863-3078 (daytime)
Brian Healy 272-8907
Bob Shaw 521-4416
General Information
We have practice Saturdays from 1pm until 2:30pm. *Please* inform one the coaches
if you cannot make one of the practices or the games.
Game time is 5:30, but we NEED all players to be there by 5:00.  Players need to warm
up their arms, stretch, etc. to avoid injuries.
The team also has a web page where we put up some pictures, keep an up-to-date schedule,
 and team roster.  It is: