Over Memorial Day Weekend, 1999... Jim, Nate, Boutros, Brad, and I took Mike down to Washington. It was a ridiculous experience of laughs, dehydration, and alcohol. This is the page dedicated to those wonderful 3 days.


"Jim, Flap" Michael Parker, 06:45AM Sat.

"You God Damn Fucking People, where is my coffee" Boutros, 06:58 Sat.

"So, Boutros, have you got a job, a girlfriend, a driver's license, or a life yet?" Nate, 7:01 Sat.

(to Chris) "A bottle of your own sperm is not a present" Nate, 7:47 Sat.

"My dick is going nowhere near Boutros' mouth" Chris, 8:05 Sat.

"The only two people who got completely screwed were me and Tom" Boutros, 8:57 Sat.

"I knew we would have to eat one of the cum donuts" Brad, 10:07 Sat.

"Wow, that was fast" Mike (about 10 secs later)

"We're going to Iceland... Woah!" Chris, 10:26 Sat.

"I've got my 'china bun' right here!" Brad (pointing to Boutros) 10:43 Sat.

"Yeah, what's he going to do? He is in a pinley-ass hatchback. I'll just backup and kill him" Nate (while driving) 10:56 Sat.

"Uh Oh! Coutche is feeding!!" Chris 11:30 Sat. (at lunch)
"Oh NO!! It is a feeding frendzy! Pretty soon, other coutches will be coming for the food!!" Boutros

"Put your pants back on" Brad to Boutros, 12:59

"Chris and I are the same body type - so it is more natural" Nate, while in bed with Chris, Sat night

"Yeah, like Will Smith is a black rapper" Boutros, 22:17, Sat.

ZP9836 (NJ) is the plate of the car that cut us off.... YEAH... we are after YOU!

"What are they having a discussion about? It's like a Nation of Islam Meeting" Nate, 11:23 while stopped for gas.

"I'm driving, don't make me come back there!" Brad, 14:56 Sat.

"Sixpence none the richer. Don't you understand? Are you listening?" Mike (to Boutche) 15:05 Sat.
"No, you have got to keep repeating yourself until I understand" Boutros
"Jesus! This is going to take a while" Chris

"Sean Connery is so cool, he almost gives credibility to wife beating" Boutros, 18:33 Sat.

"All doors are kitty-proof... Cats can't open doors" Chris
[dumbfounded silence, everyone else] - 21:45 Sat.

"... because I have too much dignity to smell my own feet" Boutros 22:04 Sat.

"Why do you dare open your moutch to tell me how to drive, you simpleton" Nate (to the as yet un-licensed Boutros) 11:42 Sat.

"Hi there, can I get some service" Nate (Sat. Drive)

"Alright! Change!!" Enthusiastic Toll collecter at Exit 11 of the NJ Turnpike, 11:44 Mon.

<sniff> <sniff> "Is that Jersey, or you?" Boutros to Brad, 11:48 Mon

"Look at those Brass Balls" Chris to Nate

"Am I clear on the left?" Nate asking Chris about switching lanes while driving
"Who the hell cares?" Chris, 12:45 Mon (?)

"It's like driving with a bunch of middle aged women!" A discouraged Coutche after being outvoted and forced to listen to Celine Dion 12:48 Mon

"Dude, rape jokes are just not cool" - Mike, sometime Saturday night